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Venetia in carnaval

Venetia nu se dezminte. Ramane o destinatie romantica prin excelenta. Opulenta si surprinzatoare in zilele de carnaval, transpira romantism si frumuseste cu fiecare sclipire a soarelui in valurile canalelor.

Prefer sa fiu în Venetia intr-o zi ploioasa decat in orice alta capitala intr-o zi frumoasa ” spunea scriitorul american Herman Melville si chiar asa este. Pe Canal Grande, pe Podul Rialto, Podul Suspinelor, in gondola, pe cine stie ce canal, in piata San Marco sau pe terasa cafenelei Florian timpul sta pe loc, si emotia de a te trezi cuprins de secole trecute nu poate fi echivalata de nici o alta priveliste intesata de povesti si legende.

The glory of the day that broke upon me in this Dream; its freshness, motion, buoyancy; its sparkles of the sun in water; its clear blue sky and rustling air; no waking words can tell. But, from my window, I looked down on boats and barks; on masts, sails, cordage, flags; on groups of busy sailors, working at the cargoes of these vessels; on wide quays, strewn with bales, casks, merchandise of many kinds; on great ships, lying near at hand in stately indolence; on islands, crowned with gorgeous domes and turrets: and where golden crosses glittered in the light, atop of wondrous churches, springing from the sea!


But close about the quays and churches, palaces and prisons sucking at their walls, and welling up into the secret places of the town: crept the water always. Noiseless and watchful: coiled round and round it, in its many folds, like an old serpent: waiting for the time, I thought, when people should look down into its depths for any stone of the old city that had claimed to be its mistress.

Thus it floated me away, until I awoke in the old market-place at Verona. I have, many and many a time, thought since, of this strange Dream upon the water: half-wondering if it lie there yet, and if its name be VENICE

Charles Dickens – Pictures from Italy